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An experimental bioweapon which was produced inside a consortium from the ZaKa Conglomerate, the U.S. Govt, plus the U.S. Army. It is a mutagenic virus that may be transmitted from the air and by connection with system fluids. Gagne requires the shape of a thick fog that has covered The whole lot of Chicago, Illinois and is particularly resulting in animals and other people to horrifically change into grotesque monsters with massive maws which can spawn leech-like larvae.

A fictional disorder invented by Colonel Hogan. From the early stages, the target's neck will swell although the victim is not going to truly feel any distinctive. In the next stage, the sufferer's entire body heat will go up radically, followed by loss of movement in the legs and furious chills.

A unnamed extremely contagious airborne virus that has been stolen from a government Organic warfare laboratory. Its early signs and symptoms include a rash, and it is actually promptly fatal. It isn't obvious from the film if the virus was alleged to are actually harvested from the wild (for example Ebola) after which grown as a weapon, or whether or not the laboratory initial engineered it in some way.

An airborne virus which incubated in drinking water. It had been produced because of the terrorist team the Consortium to get rid of off 50 percent of humanity and reproduce with only a third of 10 individuals who ended up immune. The virus was modeled within the Black Loss of life.

After the ailment has operate its training course it disappears, letting People then achieving puberty to survive, Though there is a constant threat of it returning.

Also referred to as "the Clench", mainly because of the victims clenching their stomachs, Ebola Gulf is really an developed form of the ebola virus established by the terrorist mastermind Ra's al Ghul just after he consulted the Wheel of Plagues.

The virus identified as M2448 was made by Catalina Thorne, the leader of Mobile, during her time like a health care university student Doing work with the Company. She executed top secret experiments in the virus but was discovered with the Company and was kicked off the Agency-sponsored health care programme. She was enraged by this and needed revenge on the Agency mainly because it evidently ruined her lifetime.

A ailment invented by Squidward so he did not have to go to operate, later on grew to become "real" (SpongeBob will take the faux disease basically) about the training course with the episode.

Even so, in the Dance with Dragons, it's exposed being normally lethal to adults. The sickness is contracted by touch and little by little turns the flesh (tiny patches in kids and your complete physique in adults) from the victim to stone. It is said that the ailment also drives its adult victims insane.

A exceptional, but lethal disorder, curable only from the utilization of a drugs made from the Borginian Cocoon. The treatment is very difficult to help make, and if built incorrectly, It is just a deadly poison, and so the exportation of such a cocoon is illegitimate. The Main Justice's son is afflicted While using the sickness.

The Inexperienced Flu, generally referred to easily given that the An infection, has triggered most people who can be found in connection with it to vary into homicidal, zombie-like beings. Anyone can capture it, but you'll find couple available who display no signs in the virus.

A virus inducing infectious retrograde amnesia.The influence of ARIA is apocalyptic in that the contaminated shed their memory backwards at the speed of a yr’s really worth weekly.

The identify presented by Raine Sage to signs or symptoms of Cruxis Crystal parasitism. Will cause victim to ultimately reduce capability to taste, sleep, click this link cry, experience suffering, and communicate. Also increases the sufferer's Listening to, power and sight talents, along with reducing the need to take in and rest. In early beginnings it will allow the victim to realize crystal-like wings and fly right up until the sickness is destroyed.

The plague causes most krogan pregnancies to finish in stillbirth, with most fetuses in no way even reaching that stage of advancement.

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